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On Demand Solutions

No Software to Install or Upgrade
No Servers to Maintain

What is On Demand Software

Historically, companies were required to buy, build, and maintain their own IT infrastructures despite exponential IT costs. On Demand software or Software as a Service (SaaS) gives companies an alternative.

On Demand software entails a new generation of application software that has been specifically designed to be accessible via the Internet. Now companies can log in and subscribe to Software as a Service built on a world-class infrastructure and delivered via the Internet. Such solutions require little from the user in terms of IT infrastructure commitments beyond an Internet connection.

With On Demand Software as a Service, customers pay a small amount up front for implementation, and a monthly or annual subscription fee based on usage, or number of users, leaving the provider to handle maintenance and performance concerns.

10 Reasons to Consider On Demand Software

  1. NO IT INFRASTRUCTURE REQUIRED. No IT software to install or upgrade. No IT servers to maintain. No IT resources to allocate.
  2. SEAMLESS UPGRADES. New features and functionality, upgrades, customer support, and other operational services all included, and are not being treated as incremental costs.
  3. LOWER UP-FRONT COST. Because software is not purchased and services are provided On Demand, costs are spread out and can be budgeted accordingly.
  4. PAY AS YOU GO. Customers pay a monthly or annual subscription fee, based on usage, or number of users, to have access to the software as a service via the Internet.
  5. REDUCED IMPLEMENTATION RISK. With lower upfront capital, resource commitment, and level of complexity, the customer avoids the risk of additional hidden costs.
  6. QUICK DEPLOYMENT. On Demand applications require minimal configuration. Deployments generally require from 1 to 3 months compared to 6 to 24 months with traditional software.
  7. HIGHER ROI. On Demand software as a service achieves breakeven in 6 months or less while traditional license based software requires a longer payback period.
  8. LOWER TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP (TCO). The first year total cost of ownership can be five to ten times less expensive than traditional on premise software.
  9. GREATER CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. On Demand vendors will sustain high levels of customer satisfaction to ensure broad user adoption and continued renewal of term contracts from initial deployment through ongoing support, maintenance and upgrade.
  10. ABILITY TO FOCUS ON CORE BUSINESS. Focus more on improving the effectiveness and competitiveness of your organization by leveraging on demand business applications. Make better business decisions quickly with your personalized real-time business information

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