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On Demand Integration

Integrate Business Processes for
Better Agility and Flexibility

Aggregation and Integration of On Demand Software

Despite recent expansion, On Demand Software as a Service vendors are still essentially single-function providers and this raises important issues. Organizations that plan to make extensive use of the model will probably consume several services. While each may work well by itself, they may not align well, resulting in functionality gaps or overlaps.

In today’s business environment, agility is key to obtaining a sustainable competitive edge. Organizations are continuously improving, realigning, and automating their operations to be ready to meet market challenges. Customer demands, market dynamics, and technology advancements are pushing your business for answers. On Demand applications are but one piece of this trend towards end-to-end process fulfillment.

Whether you implement one application at a time, multiple applications, or a complete suite — A major challenge and opportunity is addressing the complexities of aggregating, integrating and delivering best-of-breed On Demand Software as a Service from multiple vendors. So how do you integrate these service providers with the rest of your business and existing systems, such as ERP or SCM?

ITQwest Leverage BridgeWerx for On Demand Integration

For many businesses, integration is an effective way to leverage information, streamline processes, and lower costs. Integration gives you big-picture visibility into and control over your business. By enabling the integration and transparency of critical data, organizations can extend the value of the data in their across their business systems without the need to exhaust additional resources in the legacy systems that currently manage it.

Merging seamlessly with your On Demand user interface , BRIDGEWERX’s web-based design environment lets you configure its integration touch points with any other application or data source, using your choice of Web services, application API's, or transport protocols. Deploying these configurations on BRIDGEWERX plug-and-play Appliance provides a secure, controlled platform for inter- and intra-company integration.

Seamless and flexible integration of On Demand business applications with existing IT systems to fit different business processes extend the value of On Demand Software as a Service. ITQwest develops On Demand integration solutions to:

  • Connect your accounting, ERP, CRM, HRM and other business systems together seamlessly, rapidly and reliably.
  • Share data among your business applications to avoid redundancies.
  • Integrate business processes through batch, real-time, synchronized updates to streamline your business.

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Bringing it Together

ITQwest brings together disparate best-of-breed On Demand business applications in a unified environment to create integrated solutions that meet your unique business challenge. We act as the assembly line and the distribution model for a fragmented set of many independent On Demand business applications that come from multiple vendors, delivered through a single web portal to customers, and accessible with :

  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Single bundle billing
  • Single deployment
  • Single-point-contact

ITQwest will provide a business On Demand platform that will link clients to best-of-breed On Demand Software as a Service. ITQwest will create composite applications by seamlessly combining and connecting existing On Demand software applications together in new ways without changing the existing applications, with the purpose of driving business process and connectivity, and adapt information to your business needs.

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