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Successful Customers

Customer Success Stories

Customers across various industries are experiencing Results On Demand. Customer success stories highlight Results On Demand achieved by companies, through reducing IT costs, streamlining business operations and automating business processes.

Company: Postmark Direct Marketing
Industry: Advertising/Media

Challenges: Implement a new CRM system that is not only customizable to the needs of a vertical industry, but provides real-time, analytical reporting tools to better view the business, and plan its growth

Solutions: Netsuite to manage and track its own marketing campaigns; and to run campaigns for its clients.

Software switched from: SalesCycle, Excel, QuickBooks

Results with NetSuite:

  • A more robust, customizable CRM system that does a better job of managing leads and tracking the results of marketing campaigns
  • Personnel savings of at least $75,000 to $100,000 per year

Company: iLevel by Weyerhaeuser
Location: Federal Way, WA
Industry: Architecture/Design


  • Customer support organization running on more than a dozen disconnected databases
  • Organizational shift required unifying call activities previously done by two different groups
  • Short time frame to make key changes in support operations

Solutions: NetSuite to help drive customer support operations. iLevel can manage the overall customer relationship far more easily than it could with multiple disconnected systems.

Software switched from:
Custom in-house development (MS Access and custom Web-based application)

Results with NetSuite:
  • Achieved rollout in 90 days
  • Successfully merged support and design call groups into single interface
  • Obtained key customer support reporting

Company: AD Systems
Location: Houston, TX
Industry: Construction/Contracting Industries

Challenges: Residential Electronic Systems Contractor needed to streamline workflow and respond to customers' needs faster.

Solutions: NetSuite to NetSuite to gain workflow efficiencies inherent in a single suite.

Software switched from: Peachtree, Outlook,

Results: Company provides responsive customer service and increased its annual execution capacity by 30 percent, without additional staff investment for IT support.