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Implementation Services

We Make it Happen

Cost-effective and efficient Implementations

ITQwest’s implementation consultants are experienced professionals who can help you realize the full potential of deploying your On Demand business solutions. Our consultants undertake a detailed business needs identification process before implementing any On Demand business application solutions. This will ensure that the implementation is based on sound decision-making and takes into consideration all aspects of your business.

Our implementation services have been designed to reduce the time and cost involved in getting a solution up and running quickly while ensuring your teams have the knowledge to work efficiently. The result is that most customers are up and running in a matter of weeks rather than months, experiencing rapid time to value. A typical ITQwest engagement takes 4 to 12 weeks and involves just a few people. It entailed requirements gathering, configuring the application, developing training materials, training the staff and finally supporting users to ensure effective adoption.

ITQwest Implementation team can help you with the following:

  • Project management to track both details and the big picture.
  • Setup and Configuration to help you set up user roles and application settings.
  • Customization to tailor the application to the way you run your business.
  • Data migration to ensure a smooth transition to the On Demand application environment
  • Training to get you and your users up to speed quickly.
  • Support to accelerate user adoption.

Our implementation services are focused on the following On Demand Business applications:

  • Netsuite Implementation
  • SalesForce Implementation
  • WebBex WebOffice Implementation

Contact us for Implementation Services.

5 steps to Customer Success

While each assignment is specific to each customer, we follow the ITQwest On Demand implementation methodology to ensure consistency and predictability of delivery on time and on budget. ITQwest is committed to methodologies that drive quick and reliable implementations to accelerate our customers’ return on investment in On Demand business solutions. ITQwest On Demand Implementation methodology combines:

  • Best practices
  • Historical experience
  • Project discipline
expand/collapse 1. Discover: We Listen and Learn

Our Professional Services team works closely with our customers to define and articulate current and desired business processes, understand their specific needs and deliver the best solution to meet those needs. We discover and help shape our customer’s vision for the future. We listen carefully, ask insightful questions that reveal underlying issues, and share best practices that can yield dramatic improvements. We review our customer’s business strategy in terms of the business objectives, goal's, expectations and success criteria for the project. Our consultants and our customers stakeholders work together to perform the Requirements Definition to achieve the desired results.

expand/collapse 2. Define: We Plan Accordingly

Project Planning activities typically involve accessing information about the project’s requirements and using that information to build a blueprint for the implementation: the implementation plan. We elaborate upon our customers’ requirements to clarify the technical details for the implementation and to define and document the detailed characteristics of the optimal On Demand business solution. We define application specifications, timelines, milestones, and high-level deliverables, identify resources, risk analysis and mitigation, ROI calculations, quality assurance validation. Your ITQwest project team will become your allies.

expand/collapse 3. Design: We Design for Success

The design stage includes many activities geared to ensure success of the On Demand solutions implemented:

Application setup, configuration, and customization
ITQwest’s experts setup, configure and customize your On Demand business application rapidly and efficiently, working closely with you, to ensure the features/functionality meet your needs.

Data Migration
To reap the full benefit of your On Demand business application, it is crucial to ensure that it is populated with all relevant data. ITQwest helps you migrate your data quickly, efficiently, and effectively so you can quickly optimize the value you receive from your On Demand business applications.

Business Process Integration
As needed, ITQwest works with you to integrate your On Demand business application with other business applications to provide an end-to-end business process.

Training Program Development
ITQwest is committed to delivering fast and effective training on the solution we deploy, making you self-sufficient as quickly as possible. We create training based on your specific business processes, and educational needs.

expand/collapse 4. Deploy: We Make it Happen

With the solution implemented, the next stage of engagement is to roll-out the On demand solution to all users. The deployment involves the following activities:

  • Training: Transfer knowledge regarding the developed solution to your team members.
  • Quality assurance: Ensure that the deliverables meet the highest levels of quality.
  • Validation: Ensure that the delivered solution meets all requirements success criteria.
  • Feedback: Solicit, analyze and incorporate feedback from the project to learn from experience.
  • Roll-out: Go-live with the On Demand business applications to get you there.
expand/collapse 5. Deliver: We Deliver Results On Demand

Going live is not an event, but the start of a process to fully optimize the business value of your investment. Every deployed On Demand business solution requires ongoing attention and management to ensure long-term sustainable results are realized. At ITQwest, we stand behind every deployment we perform, and as a standard part of our methodology, provide post "go-live" continuous support to ensure that value objectives are met, applications are adopted and the application evolves with changes in your business. We help our customers achieve better results On Demand. We are vested in our customer’s success – on day one and well beyond.