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We deliver Software-as-a-Service solutions in a broad range of industries

On Demand Business Applications

ITQwest On Demand business solutions address unique business challenges for small and medium businesses. We propose business applications that can help streamline core business processes and boost productivity.

ITQwest seeks opportunities for business process improvement through business process consulting. We analyze the day-to-day operation of the business, define the business problem by interviewing and brainstorming with key process owners, identify the opportunity to positively impact the business and finally recommend solutions that can dramatically improve your business efficiency and productivity.

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Our collaborative approach enables effective integration of business processes to help organizations better access, manage and act upon the growing volume of data across multiple systems to make more informed business decisions. Our experienced Integration Consultants work with you to examine your enterprise applications and devise the best strategy for integration with On Demand business applications.

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Empower your users with the knowledge they need to get the most out of their On Demand business applications. ITQwest’s training services ensure that users get up to speed with our On Demand business solutions in the shortest possible time. We offer standard training courses as well as training tailored to your needs.

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Mobile Money Financial Services

ITQwest offers mobile money solutions designed to meet the needs of mobile operators for cross-border money transfer and payment services in emerging markets. Our patented Mobile Money Integration Platform provides secure and scalable value-added services for mobile operators without time-consuming network integration. Our extensible service object architecture allows a rapid integration into existing mobile money platforms to maximize revenue generation.

We enable immigrant to send money directly into any mobile money wallet of their loved ones in real-time. This service increases usage and revenue

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We deliver quick and easy mobile money acceptance at the point-of-sale. This real-time payment for goods and services is seamlessly integrated with consumer devices for efficient and convenient merchant payments. Payments can be done in less than one minute. Our payment technology is avaible for smartphone and basic phone and uses NFC, QR Code or SMS, depending on the device.

ITQwest offers secure electronic payment solutions for e-commerce websites. Our secure API and real-time transaction processing allow merchant to start taking payments in minutes after setting up your account. Our intuitive web-based interface gives you access to all your past transactions and let you wire your money to any bank account. More importantly, your money is available in 24hours.

Our Industries

ITQwest business solutions and financial services address unique business challenges for small and medium business operating in the following industries:

Mobile POS for Small and Medium Retailers

We provide a complete retail solution with intuitive Point-of-Sale and state-of-the-art management tools . Our POS solution provides inventory management, sales analysis and business intelligence all integrated into one system. Whether you have a small kiosk or a chain of retail stores, whether you sell less than ten products or several thousands of items, our POS is flexible enough to accomodate your needs.

  • Inventory Control: Track your stock, prepare purchase orders, and set up automatic alerts for low stocks.
  • Desktop & Tablets: Run your business from any device. You choose the device that works best for you.
  • Integrated Mobile Money Payments: In addition to cash, you can process mobile money payment without the need of any external terminal.
  • Cloud-based applications: Your store is always with you. All your data are automatically backed-up and always available in real-time wherever you go. Sofware upgrades are always free.


Start selling on your website with our secure payment gateway. Accept payment for anyone with a mobile money wallet. Your money is safe and is held by our bank partners.

Our easy-to-use payment API adds e-commerce functionality to merchant websites, allowing them to accept payments online. Our solution can be integrated in the back-end of any compatible website. Moreover, merchants can access their money quickly via mobile money or bank transfer.

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Fleet Management

Our fleet management system enhances productivity and profitability by providing real-time monitoring, vehicle tracking and geo-fencing alerts. Access live information via a customized interactive dashboard and streamline fleet operations from anywhere with our web-based software.

Taxi Payment

We provide innovative taxi payment solutions that can dramatically enhance the rider experience as well as increase the business efficiency. Our state-of-the-art ID verification system lets you scan passengers Driver's License and garantee both your security and theirs. Our solution proposes an Integrated Payment and ID Identification system all into one convenient scanning device.

Road Asset Management

Our asset management tool lets you manage your road network intuitively. We provide a strategic tool that uses information to look at the whole road network by collecting physical inventory and managing current conditions based on strategic goals and sound investments.

School Management System

We offer schools a comprehensive school management software with functions like admissions, attendance, discipline, health, library, report cards, scheduling, student billing, transcripts and more. These functions are all integrated into a single cloud-based database, which means you have full access to all your information any time, anywhere via the Web.

Health Information System

We provide a unified healthcare information system based on the most advanced technologies. Our solution creates a complete view of each patient's history, provides secure access to records at every point of care. It is a cloud-based heatlh management software. That means you have full access to all of your information from virtually anywhere without the need of servers or special equipment. We deliver real-time analytics that drive informed decisions.


Enhance your customers' experience while increasing your business' safety. Providing quick service at restaurants and other hospitality operations lead to an engaging and interactive experience for the customers. In addition, by carrying les cash, your business is less prone to theft.

We deliver integrated solutions that enable options such as pay-at-the-table with handheld devices to ensure quick and secure transactions

ITQwest is an excellent company. They did an excellent work to improve the productivity of my company. Nikolas Brooten
I can't say enough about the excellent work that ITQwest has done for my shop. They took my own website and transformed it into a complete retail management system. Corina Ambadi
ITQwest is an absolute pleasure to work with. They are friendly, accomodating and patient. When you combine these qualities with their impeccable technical expertise, you get a truly formidable force.Barclay Widersky
I love ITQwest because they allow us to integrate innovative mobile money solutions into our existing products in just 6 months; something that one of the big company told us would take 2 years. Elsie Thiam

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